Well Caps

Projects From Our Past

Our Potato Scoop
cast aluminum potato shovel
traffic Light Bases
Cast Aluminum Lamp Base

Our first client,
The City of Philadelphia,
ordered traffic light bases.

Traffic Light Bases
Aluminum Casting  -  Traffic Light Bases

City of Philadelphia Traffic Light Bases - Side View of Both Halves.

Aluminum "Bentwood" Chair
Cast Aluminum Bentwood Chair

Cast Aluminum "Bentwood" Chair Components Created for the Fast Food Industry.

Chair Backs
Cast Aluminum Chair Backs for the Fast Food Industry

Cast Aluminum Chair Backs
for the Fast Food Industry

Electrical Enclosures
Cast Aluminum Electrical Enclosures

Cast aluminum explosion proof electrical enclosures for process flow control monitoring equipment.

Heat Sink
Heat Sink  - Permanent Mold Casting

Heat sink aluminum casting developed to cool electrical distribution equipment.

Conduit Locking Well Cap
Cast Aluminum Locking Well Cap

Integral automotive type cam locks keyed alike or random. Master keys available for
random keyed locks.

About Trega Corporation

About Trega Corporation

Trega Corporation has formed many long-standing relationships with customers in industries ranging from electrical to high end furniture to lighting. We focus on small to mid-sized companies located primarily in the Eastern U.S. region. Our casting requirements include components for:

Knoll FurnitureKnoll Office Furnitureknoll office chairs
  • Explosion proof electrical enclosures
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Heat sinks
  • Recycling barrels
  • Architectural lighting
  • Structural members
  • Furniture
  • Machines
  • Agricultural
  • Food processing
  • Healthcare

Trega utilizes the permanent mold casting process in producing aluminum castings for their customers. There are multiple benefits of the permanent mold casting process including:

Cast Aluminum Chair BasesKnoll Furniture ComponentsKnoll Furniture Cast Aluminum Components
  • Lower cost tooling than die casting
  • High dimensional accuracy ( +/- .010" )
  • Smooth finish (100-150 rms)
  • Casting weight from 1oz. - 30lbs.
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Reduced machining
  • Cast-in inserts
  • Reduced porosity and inclusions
  • Permanent mold castings can be
    powder coated, anodized, and heat treated

Trega Corporation was founded in 1973 to produce precision aluminum castings utilizing the permanent mold casting process. Initially, we manufactured furniture components for the fast food industry and traffic light bases for the city of Philadelphia. In 1996, the addition of a dedicated CNC machine for post-casting operations allowed Trega to provide customers with fully machined parts. We moved into our state of the art facilities in 1998.